is an online directory of US businesses that offer discounts
to people 50 years of age and older. We currently list over 150,000 business locations,
which include the contact information, discount information and other information
necessary to receive each discount.

We strive to provide the most complete and accurate listing of all age-related
discounts for goods and services.

Our biggest challenge is to identify all of the businesses that offer discounts to
people over 50 years of age. This is why we ask for your help throughout the web
site. We’ll post your contributions and we’ll recognize you in our free weekly
E-Newsletter. We also request your help in correcting any outdated information
that may be on our web site.

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Registration and Membership

SeniorDiscounts has three levels of membership. You may perform preliminary
searches for the over 150,000 discounts on our web site, receive our weekly
e-mail newsletter and utilize many other features on our web site for free.
Some free areas may require that you register and log in to the web site.

Our Gold membership allows you to see complete details of all of the businesses and
the discounts they offer. You can also access reviews of the products and services
listed on our web site.

Our Premium membership includes all the features of the Gold membership as well
as access to the member-only discounts that SeniorDiscounts has established with select businesses.
Premium members will also receive a personalized SeniorDiscounts Card so that they may access
our member-only discounts, and will receive our
SeniorDiscounts Guide Book
, a printed version of the discounts found on our web site.

For more information about the SeniorDiscounts membership, please visit our
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Where are we Located?

Our physical locations are in Chicago, Illinois and Albuquerque, New Mexico. Please see our
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