SeniorDiscounts Guide Book

Our SeniorDiscounts Guide Book is now Absolutely FREE with the Purchase of a Premium Membership.

SeniorDiscounts will be releasing a new edition of the SeniorDiscounts Guide Book shortly. This new edition will be available in an electronic format, which can be downloaded to your computer for easy reference and printing. Click Here

The SeniorDiscounts Guide is designed for easy reference and provides information on the over 150,000 business listings located in the web site.

The Guide is divided into two major sections, nationally available discounts and those discounts unique to each state. The national discounts are divided up into discount categories and then listed alphabetically. States are listed separately with their own discount categories. Our SeniorDiscounts exclusive discounts are accompanied by the SeniorDiscounts logo and are featured at the top of each category.

To order your copy today, simply Register Here.

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