SeniorDiscounts Business Terms and Conditions

As of January 2007
SeniorDiscounts business providers agree to the following terms and conditions:
  1. SeniorDiscounts, its contractors and representatives make no representation that any minimum number of sales will result from participation in the program.
  2. The proposed discount offer will be available to SeniorDiscounts members and that it conforms with the description provided to SeniorDiscounts; whether residents of the United States or other countries.
  3. The discount offer may not be changed or substituted without disclosing the change to SeniorDiscounts.
  4. The offered discount will remain valid for at least a twelve month period from submission to SeniorDiscounts;
  5. Business membership in the SeniorDiscounts program ceases when the exclusive discount is withdrawn or is no longer available to card members.
  6. Business membership may be withdrawn by SeniorDiscounts where the business provider fails to comply with these terms and conditions or legal or ethical business practices.
  7. SeniorDiscounts can refuse, at its discretion, to admit applicants to the program.
  8. Business membership may be terminated by business members with notice to SeniorDiscounts.
  9. Any complaints received by SeniorDiscounts regarding the provision of the business provider’s discount to card members will be investigated in a timely manner.
  10. The SeniorDiscounts logo will be displayed, if applicable.

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