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May 8, 2007:
In 1860, what city recorded the most rainfall in one year?
Answer: Cherrapunji, India – 1041.8 inches (2646 cm) of rain fell between August 1, 1860 and July 31, 1861.
Winner: William Barth, of Dublin, OH

April 24, 2007:
What US state boasts the following rivers: the Guadalupe, Trinity, Rio Grande, Brazos, and Colorado?
Answer: Texas
Winner: Dorothy Miller, of Corvallis, OR

April 13, 2007:
Brain Teaser:
Replace the same characters by the same numerals so that the mathematical operations are correct:
RE + MI = FA
DO + SI = MI
Answer: 27+56=83; 40+16=56; 93+16=109
Winner: Sondra Bowling, of Tuscaloosa, AL

April 6, 2007:
According to survey done by Men’s Health Magazine, what US city has the best drivers?
Answer: Des Moines, IA
Winner: Staza Morris, of Granite Falls, WA

March 28, 2007:
Erie Canal connects Lake Erie to which body of water?
Answer: The Hudson River.
Winner: Donna Luna, of Denver, CO

March 16, 2007:
What is the largest US reservoir?
Answer: Lake Mead behind Hoover Dam at 34,850,000 cubic meters.
Winner: Angela Minker, of Rainier, WA

March 2, 2007:
A volcano recently erupted on which Italian Island?
Answer: The Island of Stromboli.
Winner: Hannah Hanrahan, of Farmingville, NY

February 16, 2007:
Unofficially, how much snow fell in Redfield, NY during the week long snowfall?
Answer: 12 feet and two inches.
Winner: Nancy Bumpus, of Ocala, FL





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