SeniorDiscounts Business Solutions

SeniorDiscounts provides numerous opportunities for your business to increase its
exposure to the burgeoning senior market. As the internet’s only comprehensive source
of age-related discounts, we have registered over 40,000 members while attracting more
than a million visitors annually. Our pool of users represents a large and growing
customer base that comes here ready to make purchasing decisions. Those decisions are
often made on the basis of available discounts.

We make discount information available by:

  • Providing users with access to a searchable database of over 135,000 businesses
  • Circulating a weekly newsletter among our 50,000 registered users
  • Writing a weekly column highlighting specific types of products and services
  • Publishing a SeniorDiscounts Guide book that contains all the discounts in the database

Provide a Discount or special offer

By offering seniors a discount and listing it with us, you will increase your visibility
and your potential market while offering a valuable service to the mature market. Your
listing will be made available to both our loyal online users and the owners of our printed
SeniorDiscounts Guide Book.

Adding your business to our database is simple, and best of all it’s free. Our primary
motivation is to serve our users by making our discount database as useful as it can possibly be.

To list a discount, click here.

Do you still have questions?

Premium Listings

To improve your ability to reach your audience, we also offer premium listings to enhance
your presence on our site. For an annual fee of $29.95, which most businesses will recoup
with just one or two additional sales, we will:

  • Post your business at the top of the search results when searched within the geographic range and category selected
  • Provide special areas within your listing to post Specials or “Hot Deals” on highly viewed pages on our web site
  • Mention your business in our weekly newsletter, which reaches over 50,000 members looking for discounts
  • Add your business logo, featured prominently within your business listing

To register for a Premium Listing, click here.

More Information.

Advertising Options

We offer a variety of additional avenues to reach the fastest growing market on
the internet. To fit your needs, we can customize an ad campaign to include any
of the following:

  • Banner and text advertising on the SeniorDiscounts site and in our newsletters
  • Sponsorships of content-specific areas of the site and our newsletters
  • Geographically-targeted direct email campaigns

For more information on advertising with SeniorDiscounts, please contact us.


If your business is focused on serving the over 50 communities, private-labeled
Senior Discount content, publications, and discount cards are a terrific and
inexpensive way to add value to the services you provide. Giving your customers
private-labeled access to SeniorDiscounts will also demonstrate your business’s
commitment to providing senior customers the highest level of service. To help you
in this endeavor, we offer the following:

  • Private-labeled versions of our 140,000 discount online search portal
  • Private-labeled SeniorDiscounts Guide Books, which are essentially a print version of the online portal and articles
  • Co-branded SeniorDiscounts Cards entitling cardholders to discounts at 1,000’s of additional locations
  • Online and print content in the form of our columns, newsletters, and articles

To learn more or receive a demonstration of these services, please contact us.


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