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Web Sites that Provide Money-Saving Coupons
November 29, 2006
Author: David Smidt,

When looking for senior discounts this holiday season, be careful
not to overlook one of the oldest sources of savings – coupons. While coupon web
sites may not provide senior specific discounts, many offer meaningful discounts
on everything from travel to electronics.

Most online retailers provide coupon or promotional codes during
the check out process. Enter these codes and the total amount will automatically
adjust for the discount being offered. While many coupon sites may provide multiple
codes for one retailer, you can usually only use one promo code, so check to see
which one best serves your needs.

Online coupon sites are all free, and their search ability makes
it much easier for you to find the deals you’re looking for. They may provide you
with a printable coupon that can be used within a retail store, or more often, provide
information on promotional codes that are available at select online retailers.

Coupon Cabin
Coupon Cabin allows you to search by category or by retailer. They list both online
promotional codes as well as printable coupons. While they list only large national chains, the site is free and does not require any registration.

Coupon Mountain
Much like Coupon Cabin, this site provides you with printable coupons for in-store
purchases and promotional codes for online sales. This site covers thousands of
retailers, making it easy to save as much as 25% on non-sale purchases.
Many of you may be familiar with the Valpak blue envelope you receive in the mail,
but did you know you can also find these coupons online. Valpak offers a list of
their available coupons on their web site; all you have to do is print them off.
Valpak allows you to search by geographic area and then by category to locate the
discounts you are looking for.

The Promo Codes
If you’re ready to act fast, Promo Codes carries limited-time coupons and information
on sales at many retailers. The coupons on this site often expire quickly, but checking
back regularly can land you some great deals.

Flamingo World
Flamingo World has a large selection of retailers that offer promo codes and lets
you sign up for e-mail notification when particular retailers offer discounts. The
site also has user forums in addition to a large section listing items that have
recently been marked down.
This web site has thousands of online discounts available, but they do require that
you register with their site before allowing access to the coupons. As with all
sites that require you to register, it is best to check their privacy policy to
see what your information will be used for. Once you have registered, you can search
for coupons by category, geographic location or by the store or manufacturer.

This list is far from exhaustive, but it’s a good start in rediscovering
the fruitful world of coupon discounts on the Internet.

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