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Senior Discounts at Gyms and Sport Clubs
Date: October 9, 2008
Author: David Smidt, SeniorDiscounts

While it’s difficult to put a cost on your health, gym and sport club memberships and monthly dues can certainly add up. Luckily, there are lots of discounts out there for older adults who are looking to get in shape.

Gyms and sports clubs are among the many businesses which offer senior discounts and they can be found at many different types of health facilities nationwide. Some of the national chains may offer senior discounts, but you will most likely find better deals at local health clubs. Many of the best places to locate senior discounts are at the facilities operated by your local parks and recreation department or even at the YMCA.

National health clubs, like Bally’s Total Fitness and Gold’s Gym, typically franchise their locations and thus the senior discount can vary by location. But Bally’s currently has membership benefits for seniors at all of its locations. Gold’s has told us that there are no universal senior discounts, but certain locations may provide membership incentives for seniors. Their advice is to contact your local branch and inquire about any available senior programs.

Local clubs and exercise facilities are competing with the larger companies for customers, which can lead to larger discounts for you. While these facilities may not have the same equipment as the nation chains, they may prove to be less crowded and more personable. Check many of the local exercise classes, like jazzercise, tae bo, and dance classes, as they will likely have discounts for older adults.

Almost all parks and recreation facilities have discounts for seniors. Senior discounts tend to be the greatest at these facilities, but the age requirements will probably be higher than those of the privately owned facilities.

Specifically, most discounts at the privately owned facilities will begin at the age of 55, while the parks and recreation facilities typically begin around 62 years of age. The amount of a discount can vary dramatically depending on the facility and its location. Some gyms and spas provide discounts off initiation fees, while others give a discount from their monthly dues. Some locations even provide discounts on both initiation fees and monthly dues.

Clubs have also started programs for the mature market. These programs can include personal training sessions, classes and nutritional guides to help you get in shape. While researching gyms and sports clubs, be sure to inquire about these additional programs and ask them what they do to make their facility more accommodating for you.

If you can’t find a particular gym in the SeniorDiscounts’ search area, look for the particular gym on the Internet. Many don’t necessarily post their senior rates, as they would like to try to sell their membership in person. If this is the case, call ahead of time and ask if they have any specials for older adults.

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