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Retail Discounts Part 1
Date: August 31, 2006
Author: David Smidt,

Many retail chains offer discounts to the over 50 crowd, but
they do not always advertise the discounts, so it can be difficult to track them

The age requirements for these discounts will vary depending on
the retail store you visit. Some begin as early as 50 years of age while others may
only offer the discount to those 62 years of age and older. The discount amount for
seniors is typically 10% but there are some chains that provide a 20% savings and
even a few that will offer more.

While some chains may not offer senior discounts, their factory
or outlet stores might. Many factory and outlet malls will have senior discount
programs available at some, if not all, of the merchants located in the mall.

Typically senior discounts at retail stores will not be offered
every day. Usually, stores will offer a senior discount one day a week, most commonly
on Mondays or Tuesdays.

Below is a list of some retail chains that offer senior discounts.
Look for details on other retail chains in upcoming articles.

Costco Wholesale
SeniorDiscounts Card Members can join Costco and receive a free
$10 Costco Cash Card to be used with any purchase. Annual Costco membership includes
a Free Household Card. To receive the offer please visit the SeniorDiscounts web site
and search for a local store in your area.

Banana Republic
Many Banana Republic locations offer a senior discount program.
Those stores that provide a discount will typically offer a 10% discount every day
but the age requirement and discount amount varies from store to store. Banana Republic
recommends contacting your local store for details.

Bealls Stores
Located in Texas, New Mexico, Kansas, Oklahoma and Alabama,
Bealls Stores offers a 20% discount to shoppers 50 and older on the first Tuesday of
every month with its Club 50 Plus program. One can register for the program at any
store location at no cost.

Bealls Florida
Bealls Senior Days Promotion includes a 15% discount on purchases
in the store only. Bealls Senior Days occur a few times each year; they are usually
scheduled on the first Tuesday and Wednesday of the month and will be posted in the
local paper or on their web site.

Bealls Outlet and Burke’s Outlet Stores
These stores are located in Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona,
California, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico,
South Carolina and Texas. Seniors 50 and older receive 15% off all purchases every
Monday when you join their Monday Club.

Belk Department Stores
On the first Tuesday of every month, Belk department stores have a
fifty-five plus shopping day where purchases are 15% off and include free gift-wrapping.

Many Dressbarn stores have senior discounts. The amount of the
discount given, age requirement and participation varies with the store location.
Stores typically offer a 10% discount to shoppers 55 years of age and older. Contact
your local Dressbarn for discount information.

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