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State Parks Discounts
Including Senior Passes, Annual Passes, Disabled Discounts, and Child Discounts
Date: March 25, 2010
Author: David Smidt, SeniorDiscounts

It looks like the US Forest Service has backtracked its decision to decreases the amount of the senior discount in the National Park system. We hope this will discourage the State Parks from attempting to do the same thing. And if you are looking for an inexpensive vacation this summer, your State Parks can be a great and economical way to get together with friends and family. Nearly 40 of the 50 State Parks offer discount programs for seniors.

State parks also have discounts for children, the disabled, the financially strained, and annual passes for frequent users.

Age Requirements:

The majority of senior discounts offered at state parks are for those 60 years of age or older, although some discount programs start at age 50 or 55. There are even a few states that offer both a senior discount for younger seniors and free admission for people over 70. There are no age restrictions for the disabled or for frequent use passes. Children younger than age 7 usually get in free at many of the state parks.

Discount Amounts:

The discounts for seniors can vary from state to state. Some states require that you purchase a pass which can be used at all of the parks, while others offer a discount on the particular park’s entrance fee, which you can obtain when you arrive. Be sure to bring an ID with proof of age with you. Some states may require that you are a current resident of that state to receive the discount, but it is uncommon.

Like the National Parks program, discounts at State Parks can be substantial and usually will save you about 50% on entrance fees or annual passes. Other discount programs can range anywhere from 25% to 75%.

Discounts may also be provided on other park services, such as cabin rentals, camping, or fishing, but check with the state park beforehand, as not all states offer discounts on these other facilities and services.

State Park Passes:

Frequent use passes or annual passes can be purchased at most parks that charge admission, but also check the park’s web site for information on purchasing these passes online, through the mail, or via a toll free number. Passes for the disabled and the financially strained can typically be obtained this way as well. Be prepared to fill out a form and to have documentation that proves your age, disability or financial status. State parks that offer passes usually only charge a nominal fee for the initial purchase. Once you have the pass, admission is either free or discounted.

Where to Locate Information:

All of the State Parks provide a web site with information about their pricing policies, but information regarding the senior discounts can be hard to find. If you can not locate it on the web site, try calling the toll free number, which can be found in the State Parks’ contact information page on its web site.

SeniorDiscounts now has all of the State Park discount information located on its web site in its “Discount Search” area, but will be compiling a new and update printed list of all of this information shortly and posting it on our web site.

Have a wonderful summer and enjoy your State Parks.

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