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Free for Seniors

Where senior citizens and people 55+ can find freebies

Date: May 6, 2013

Author: David Smidt, SeniorDiscounts

Whether you’re a hair over 55 or a tried-and-true senior citizen, you’ve entered a world where “free for seniors” applies to you. From restaurants to public transportation, there is a lot of free stuff out there if you know where to look. Some offers are completely free for senior citizens, while others have a little catch like buy one get one free. Here are a few freebies everyone should know about.

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Free Prescription Drug Cards

A number of companies offer free prescription drug cards that can save you up to 75% at the pharmacy. There’s usually no eligibility requirement – you essentially get a pre-negotiated discount in exchange for bringing your business to select pharmacies. Here’s one free pharmacy prescription discount card that gets our stamp of approval.

Fast Food Freebies for Seniors

There may be no such thing as a free lunch for seniors, but there is a free drink with purchase at fast food outlets like Chick Fil A and McDonald’s. Many IHOPs offer a 50% off discount one night a week, which translates to one dinner freebie if you bring a companion.

Museum Admissions

Many museums and cultural attractions offer admission that’s free for seniors. And even if it’s not free, almost all offer big discounts for people over 65. Make it a habit to ask for your senior citizen discount when you’re buying tickets!

Free Public Transportation

Like museums, most public transportation systems offer money-saving passes, but some are completely free for seniors. For example, there are free ride programs in Pennsylvania, Miami-Dade County, and Chicago (under certain income levels). For more on transportation discounts, click here.

Tax Preparation

A number of agencies offer tax preparation help or counseling to seniors at no cost. See a detailed list here.

Free Cell Phones and Discounted Plans

Many cellular providers have programs to make life easier on seniors. For a list of carriers who offer seniors phones for free, as well as good rates on phone plans, click here.

Free Stuff for Your Grandchildren

When you take your grandchildren with you, there are a lot more opportunities to save – and show the next generation a good time. As a general rule, many discounts that are available for seniors are also available for kids. From museums to public transportation to 2-for-1 specials at restaurants, planning ahead can lead to big savings. Also look for free stuff (including everything from food to facepainting) at public events and festivals.

Check out restaurants where your grandkids can eat for free. And if you hit the road, be on the lookout for lodging deals. Many motels and hotels offer senior discounts, including free stays for your juniors when they travel with seniors.

Costco Membership

Savvy savers know Costco is a great place to save money. We’ve partnered with them to offer exclusive coupons (including three free items) to new members. Learn more about how Senior Discounts Members with a Costco Membership Card can save. And don’t forget all the free snacks while you shop at Costco.

Free Coupons and Samples for Seniors

We know many of you look for coupons and free samples to put the gold in the golden years. Start with big sites like, but also make sure to check out retailers’ sites for freebies that sometimes go fast. For example, here’s where Walmart keeps its freebies.

Save on Energy

Finally, here are a few cheap and free ideas for seniors (or anyone) to put into place to save on electric and gas bills. For example, is your hot water heater set too high? Put a few of these energy-saving ideas into action and get the best freebie of all – free money!

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