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Restaurant Discounts
How to find the best discounts when dining out.
Date: March 25, 2014
Author: Robert Staudhammer, SeniorDiscounts

One of the most populated categories on the website is the restaurant category. Restaurants know that seniors, more than others, will frequent the same establishment if that establishment provides a good experience at a great value. Also, since a number of seniors have the flexibility to dine at different times of the day, restaurants frequently offer their senior discounts at times when they may otherwise be slow.

A large number of restaurant’s senior discounts begin at the age of 50 or 55. Most chains will rarely ask for identification and will extend the discount to people who simply know to ask for it. Local restaurants tend to have higher age requirements of 60 or 65 years and may require some type of identification. We have noticed that national chains tend to have lower age requirements than many local restaurants. However, since many of the chains are owned by franchisees, the discounts can also vary from location to location. Furthermore, some locations may not offer a discount at all. It’s also good to know that while restaurant discounts are readily available, most establishments do not advertise their discounts and thus can be difficult to locate. Always ask if discounts are available and be sure to inform your sever when ordering if you have any coupons or dining incentives.

While many restaurant chains offer a discount, they are often franchised and therefore may have hundreds or even thousands of different owners. This can cause some discrepancies among the senior discounts provided. Restaurant chains may not require that the franchises provide a specific senior discount or any senior discount for that matter and thus every location may have a different offer, or in some cases, no offer at all. You will find however, that there is some continuity among senior discounts at particular chains.

These discounts can come in a variety of forms. Most common is a standard percentage, typically 10%, off of the menu price. Others may provide a free coffee or beverage with the purchase of an entrée. Additionally, some restaurants have senior menus or senior selections on their regular menus with smaller portions and cheaper prices. Many restaurants also offer dining discounts to AARP members. Also, look for 2-for-1 specials, as many places will extend the discount to companions of any age.

Remember that the discounts, the age requirements, and the store participation can vary. Always ask ahead of time and expect variations in the discounts offered. We are always looking for more restaurant discounts; if you know of any in your area, please let us know. Click here to visit our Senior Add a Discount page.

To search for restaurant discounts in your area, use our discount search form located near the top of every page of the SeniorDiscounts website or to see a list of national restaurant discounts, click here.

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