My Medicare: Compare Medicare Plans

Save on your Medicare plan with a head-to-head comparison

Don’t leave good health care up to chance – compare Medicare plans to make sure you’re making the right
decision. We’ve partnered with HealthCompare to bring you free access to Joppel – a Medicare comparison
tool that makes it easy to compare plans and benefits.
Get started:

Why use a Medicare Comparison Tool?
By comparing Medicare insurance plans side by side, it’s much easier to understand what different insurance providers
offer. Choosing a Medicare plan can be complex, but this tool outlines all the basics for choosing one of the following plans:
–Medicare Advantage
–Medicare Part D
–Medicare Drug Plans
–Medicare Supplement

How Joppel Helps Compare Medicare Plans
Joppel (
is a Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services-approved Medicare quoting tool. It has been expressly designed to help
seniors easily evaluate, compare and enroll in Medicare Advantage (Medicare Part C) health plans, Medigap (Medicare Supplement)
plans and Prescription Drug (Part D) coverage. If you’re eligible for Medicare, this tool will take you through a simple needs
assessment that narrows down hundreds of plans through criteria that are specific to you – such as what medications are covered,
cost of co-payment and plan premiums. Once you’ve narrowed it down, the tool helps you compare Medicare plans directly so you
can chose the best one for you.

My Medicare: More Plan Comparison Information

Through its My Medicare site (, the Centers for Medicare and Medicade
Services offers seniors a portal of personalized information. My Medicare is a great stop do understand more about Medicare plans,
including other tools to compare Medicare plans, fraud prevention, and more Medicare topics important to seniors.

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