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Summer HouseKeeping— Time to Get Organized

When you open up a closet door, a box falls out and just misses your head. You try to put away your pots and pans later and the overfilled cupboard keeps opening the door you keep slamming shut. And of course; whe you are an hour later stacking the towels in the linen closet, they all come tumbling back down as fast as you put the on the shelf. These are all the signs that a little housekeeping is needed and soon.

Why summer housekeeping is important

Summer housekeeping is important for everyone, but especially for seniors. Trips and over bending and overreaching because things are on the floor; or pushed to the back of cabinets, can cause serious injury. Going high to reach for that heavy item also can cause you to fall backwards. Plus you don’t want items tumbling down on your head.

And summer housekeeping handles these problems. Also don’t forget about the things left behind. If you have your adult children’s stuff still in your home, it’s time to give it back or donate it to a charity. So how do you go about ridding your home of this clutter and reorganizing? You will need three boxes: one for throwing away, one for charity and one to see if your kids want it.

Bathroom: When deciding to organize and get rid of clutter in your bathroom, think about whether you need more storage space. For this, there are over the toilet space savers which can give you extra space for storing toilet paper, towels, soap and other bathroom necessities. Too, make sure you go through your medicine cabinet and gather any expired medications; over the counter or otherwise, for disposal of safe ly.

Also, when you organize your linen closet, put aside any worn out towels or blankets. These can be donated to the nearest Humane Society as well as any old newspapers for the cages the animals are housed in. You will then hav a neat linen closet when you’re finished, and the animals have a soft place to lie down in. Another thought, if you’re having trouble seeing up close to put on makeup o your husband is having difficulty shaving his face, there are wall mount sensor mirrors which light up and magnify your face as you approach it. One of the best safety features here too is that there aren’t any cords to trip over and cause falling. Your makeup goes on nicely; your husband is smooth shaven, and you’re both ready to face another day.

Kitchen: Pulling over a kitchen chair to stand on isn’t always the safest way to bring things down from the top of shelves. So when you organize your kitchen, think about investing in a safety step ladder so you can reach those high shelves safely. When using the safety step ladder, you can go through all your dishes, glassware and casserole dishes too and sees which ones you really need and can use easily.

A good tip is to put what you use the least on the top shelves and what you use the most on the less high levels. Donate any extra dishes, glasses or kitchenware to your favorite charity for someone else who may need them. If you have crystal or special dishes you wash by hand, or you just enjoy washing dishes by hand, there are compact in sink dish racks which help to free up space. Using these will give you more counter space and less clutter in your kitchen, making it easier to keep clean. Also, if you are into being green and are recycling, a dual bucket recycler can make your life a lot easier. It will let you sort your recyclables and your trash in one easy step and it takes up less room in your kitchen.

Living room: When spring cleaning your living room, go through those piles of old magazines and newspapers. Get rid of anything you’re not going to read and which is gathering dust. Think about what is sitting around on your end tables too. Do you really want to pick those things up and dust them every other day? If not, place them in the donation box for your charity. If you have blinds on your windows, make sure they’re in working order. Blinds which are tangled and need heavy yanking on can fall down and cause injury. I your curtains need washed or sent to the drycleaners, now is the time to do it.

Bedroom: In the bedroom, clean out the dresser drawers and closets. Give away anything you or your spouses haven’t worn for a year (except his favorite raggedy shirt) or which doesn’t fit anymore. Hang your clothes in a way which makes sen se to you. Some people hang by color; some hang by lengths of sleeves, or by dress clothe s or work clothes etc. It’s a matter of personal choice. Go through your shoes also. When d one, what you aren’t wearing anymore and is in good shape, put in the donation box; the rest can go in the trash. Too, if your sheets are worn and threadbare, it’s time for new ones as well as with the blankets and comforters. Clean out the clutter from under your bed also and chase all the dust bunnies away.

Outside: If you have a porch, sweep up the winter’s dirt and grime. If your porch needs hosed down, give it a good wash. Now if you’ve noticed yo u’re having difficulty stepping up from the porch into your home, you can also purchase an outdoor step . This makes stepping up easier when you enter your home and presents less opportun ity for tripping. It will also make it easier to enjoy your porch without the fear of falling dow n. Spring cleaning is the time of year to get rid of w inters dirt and grime and to celebrate the warm breezy days of spring. So open those windows a nd let the sunshine in!

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