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Information on Life Settlements
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Life Insurance Settlements
You can convert your Life Insurance Policy into cash to Help Fund Retirement Expenses

A "Life Settlement" is the sale of a life insurance policy giving the policy owner a cash settlement, or immediate lump sum cash payment, in excess of the current cash surrender value. Consumers have long viewed life insurance as a means of receiving immediate cash to pay estate taxes, to protect surviving family members, to purchase assets or to meet other business and personal needs. It is estimated that over 90% of the seniors in the U.S. are not aware of life settlements and the possible additional wealth hidden in their life insurance policies.

Usually, people with unwanted life insurance would either let their policy lapse when they couldn't pay for it or surrender the policy back to the insurer for the cash surrender value.

However, Life Insurance Settlements — also known as Life Settlements or Senior Life Settlements — are a new type of financial service being popularized by specialized brokerages. These brokerages sell your life insurance policy to institutional investors for typically three to five times the cash surrender value of the policy.

Life Insurance Settlements are a new but fast growing service. Since 2001, over a billion dollars in excess of the cash surrender value has been paid to senior citizens who chose to sell, rather than lapse or surrender their life insurance policy. But many more could benefit from this product. According to the American Council of Life Insurers, almost nine out of ten universal life insurance policies are lapsed or surrendered. Furthermore, it is believed that 99 percent of term life insurance policies are lapsed without ever paying a death benefit.

Typically a Life Settlement broker can sell your policy to investors for a much higher price than the cash surrender value paid by the insurer. And, when done efficiently and according to industry best practices it is a great opportunity for everyone involved:

  • The life insurance policy seller collects a larger settlement than the surrender value for an unwanted insurance policy.
  • The life insurance policy buyer obtains a valuable contract with a life insurance carrier that will pay out a death benefit sometime in the future.
  • The insurance company continues to collect premiums (as paid by the buyer).

SeniorDiscounts is working with the Life Insurance Settlements to provide you with information about Life Insurance settlements and how they may be able to benefit you or your loved ones.

Life Insurance Settlements is the largest and most experienced settlement brokerage in the industry, having completed over 23,000 transactions over the past twelve plus years. LIS has over two dozen sources to shop your client’s policy.

For more information about Life Insurance Settlements, please contact:
Mark Mrky at Life Insurance Settlements, Inc.
Phone: 954-315-2851
Web site:

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