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Sporting Event Discounts
Including Discounts for Children and Grandchildren
Date: February 5, 2010
Author: David Smidt, SeniorDiscounts

With the Super Bowl just around the corner, there may be no better time to review those senior discounts that can be found at sporting events. Attending a game or match can be a great way to enjoy the great outdoors and to spend time with family and friends, and why not save some money while you are at it.

Though tickets for some major sports – professional baseball, basketball, football, NASCAR, golf and hockey – can often be under too much demand to be discounted, there are still deals to be found. Some franchises offer “Senior Day” promotions that offer savings of over 50% on ticket sales as well as food. You may also find good deals with no age restrictions for games during the middle of the week.

Sports like baseball, soccer, tennis, rodeo, swimming and track often offer senior discounts. The age requirements for these discounts will vary depending on the event. Usually they apply to those 60 years and over, but keep an eye out for discounts that begin at age 50 or 55. You can expect to save anywhere from 10% to 20%, but for those events that have senior days the savings can be substantially more, sometimes 50% to 75%.

Don’t forget about your local minor league, college and high school sports teams, either. Many of these teams play at very high levels. Better yet, they consistently offer discounts to their already-low admission prices while giving you the opportunity to root, root, root for the home team.

You should also keep your younger relatives in mind. Children can usually receive a discount of their own, and there is nothing like talking a little one to a game. Many different sporting events offer child rates and some ballparks even have grandparent days with discounts on admission and food for both you and your younger companion.

We have many sport discounts located on our web site in the Sports and Recreation category, but there are many more out there. Often, the best way to find them is by calling the box office because the discounts often don’t appear or are difficult to find on web listings; and many ticket sales are now offered through third party companies like Ticketmaster, and very often the senior discount tickets can not be purchased through these types of sites.

If you would rather spend this spring participating in sports instead of watching them, discounts are available at almost all local, regional and national parks, and many bowling alleys, gymnasiums and golf courses. There are even discounts on fishing permits. You can find information on many specific discounts in our database, but senior rates are usually on display at athletic facilities and parks.

When in doubt about a discount, you can always just ask, but make sure you tell us about it later. Click here.

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