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Cell Phone Discount Programs
Date: January 18, 2008
Author: David Smidt, SeniorDiscounts

There are now wireless plan options available for seniors that would like to have a cell phone but do not need all of the extras and high costs associated with many of the current cell plans and providers. These cell phone plans can be a great alternative for people who would like to have a cell phone in case of emergencies or while traveling.

We should note that while these plans are more affordable, they have a limited amount of usage minutes attached to the plans and people who may use a cell phone more often may find that other, more common plans may better fit their needs. It can be difficult to track the actual number of minutes used and we tend to use our phones more often than we expect.


Jitterbug does not have any age requirements for its cell phone service, but states that its phones are ideal for seniors who want a simple plan that can be used for travel, emergencies, and low-volume calling.

Jitterbug plans start at $10 per month with no long distance or roaming fees. The plans are all pay as you go and require no contract and thus no early termination fees. You can pay monthly or yearly and can add minutes to the plans at any time. There is a one time set up fee of $35 for all plans. (Surcharges, government taxes and assessments are not included in their pricing and vary by state and municipality.)

There are only two phones to choose from and each costs about $150. The phones are designed to be easy to use and include larger numbers and buttons, larger screens and text and loader volumes.

Jitterbug provides 24 hour customer service that can make calls for you, provide directory assistance and add names to your phone list, but it comes at a price. For each Jitterbug operator-assisted call, 5 minutes are deducted from the available minutes on your plan and standard per minute usage rates apply for the length of the call.

Plan Costs and Details:
- $35 One-time activation fee
- Plans start at a $10 monthly access fee
- $.35 per minute for additional minutes
- No contract
- Voicemail is $3 a month
- No charges for switching plans
- Regular minutes are good for 90 days
- Add on minutes are good for one year

For the complete details of the Jitterbug plans, visit: Jitterbug

AT&T Senior Nation 200

AT&T recently released a wireless cell phone plan for people 65 years of age and older. This new plan is a lower cost plan geared towards seniors who may not use a cell phone very often, but wish to have a phone for emergencies and stay connected to family, friends, children, grandchildren and physicians for medical monitoring purposes.

The plan is structured much like the other plans offered by AT&T, but provides fewer monthly minutes and not as many extras and features. The new plan includes 200 Anytime Minutes, 500 Night & Weekend Minutes and unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling for a $29.99 monthly access fee.

Plan Details:
- 200 Anytime minutes
- 500 Nights and Weekends minutes
- No roaming or wireless long distance charges
- Unlimited Mobile to Mobile minutes
- Rollover minutes not included on this plan

Plan Costs:
- $36.00 One-time activation fee
- $29.99 monthly access fee
- $.45 per minute for additional minutes
- 2 Year contract length

Included Plan Features:
- Three-Way Calling
- Call Forwarding
- Caller ID
- Call Waiting
- Basic Voice Mail (Airtime minutes may be charged for accessing voicemail)
- Long Distance

As with most cell phone plans, early termination fees will apply, although AT&T offers a 30 day cancelation policy to avoid the $175 termination fee. If you think that you or your loved ones may use more minutes than those allotted by this plan, you may want to look into plans with more minutes, as you can not add more minutes to the Senior Nation 200 plan and it may be difficult for phone users to determine how many minutes they are actually using every month.

(One must be at least, 65 years old to be eligible for the Senior Nation 200 rate plan. If AT&T determines that the subscriber is not eligible for this plan, it will change your rate plan to one for which you qualify.)

For the complete details of the AT&T Senior Nation 200 rate plan, visit: AT&T

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