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Wednesday, November 3, 2005


Senior Special Section: We hope everyone had a very Happy Halloween. This week we are discussing discounts available at shopping and outlet malls.

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Senior Discounts Section: We have highlighted SeniorDiscounts Card Member discounts available on Lodging, Car Rentals, and Eye Care, among others.

Challenge Section: We have begun a new Add a Discount challenge for another $100. We also have some other ways in which you can earn a reward from SeniorDiscounts. Check out our Challenge Section below for the winner and more details.

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Jane, from Laguna Hills, CA tells us that Don Jose Mexican Restaurants offer a 15% discount on meals between 3:00-6:00 p.m. every day to customers 65 and older.

Coni, of Pittsburg, CA tells us that most of the Taco Bells in her area provide a free small soda and refill with purchase. Age is not specified and may depend on location.

David in Seattle, WA informs us that the Woodlands Park Zoo offers a $2 discount to visitors 65 and older.

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Outlet and Shopping Malls

There are many retail chains that offer senior discounts at all of their locations. For those stores that do not typically offer a senior discount on a nationwide basis, it may be a good idea to check your local shopping or outlet mall. We have discovered that many malls across the US have senior discount days at most if not all of the stores in the particular shopping center.

These "senior days" usually occur once a week, but may also occur on a monthly basis, with the most common senior day occurring on Tuesdays. The average senior discount available is around 10%, but you may be able to find discounts at certain stores of up to 30%. Some stores may also offer a free gift or a two-for-one special to seniors on a particular purchase. Check the web site of the particular mall or inquire at the visitor's center for other discounts that may be available. You may be able to find special sales with discounts greater than the senior discount. Stores may have certain restrictions on particular items or those items that are already discounted or on sale, so be sure to ask beforehand.

The age requirements for these mall discounts can vary. Some may begin as early as 50 years of age while others may not begin until 65. Malls may also require that you check in at the malls' front office to receive a discount card or certificate to redeem the discounts. Other malls simply ask that you provide identification at the particular stores when you make your purchase.

Most malls have web sites where their senior deals can be found, but don't assume that a mall doesn't have a senior discount program just because it is not stated on its site. Call the customer service desk or inquire at the main office next time you visit. Some stores in a mall may offer senior discounts even if the mall does not have a senior discount program in place.

One of the largest chains of outlet malls that offers a senior discount are the Premium Outlet Malls with 37 locations in 24 states. Premium Outlet Malls have the 50-Plus Shopper Club available. Shoppers 50 and older receive an added 10% savings on Tuesdays by simply presenting photo identification with proof of age to the cashier at participating stores. To visit its web site, click here.

We have other mall discounts located on our site in our retail category. Click here. If you know of a mall that offers a senior discount and would like to tell others, please let us know and you could win $100. Click here.


Ameriplan now has Half-Price Membership on First Month thru November 30th.

Ameriplan provides access to affordable Dental, Vision, Prescription Drug and Chiropractic Care for a low monthly membership fee.

Right Now:
DVPC Individual plan normally $11.95 - First Month Now - $5.95
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Ameri plan Health Individual plan normally $49.95 - First Month Now - $24.95
Ameri plan Health Family plan normally $59.95 - First Month Now - $29.95
(First Month Only, Available in Select States)
(This is not Insurance, but a low cost Dental Plan)

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  This week we are bringing you some of the discounts available in our SeniorDiscounts Card program. The following discounts and over 125,000 more can be found at Included in each listing is the phone number, address, map of the location and more. Remember - we add more discounts every week.  

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  Budget Car Rental
  Budget continually provides new discounted offers exclusively for SeniorDiscounts Card Members. The following offer is good through December 15, 2005. Weekend special of $18 for a compact car.
Click here for more details about this discount. Search our Car Rentals category.
  Family Eyecare Associates

Family EyeCare Associates, located in Olympia Fields, IL welcomes all SeniorDiscounts Card members. One of their key competencies is the ability to provide solutions for age related vision problems such as macular degeneration, glaucoma and cataracts. The practice also accepts Medicare assignment. SeniorDiscounts Card Members receive a 5% discount on all eyeglass, contact lens purchases, and low vision products.

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  Personal Touch Home Care of LI Inc.
  Personal Touch Home Care is a licensed home care agency with three locations in New York. It provides home health aides & companions to clients in their homes. It accepts most major insurance, Medicaid and private pay. SeniorDiscounts Card Members receive a free consultation with a "Senior Advisor".
Click here for more details about this discount. Search our Health and Nutrition category.
  Red Carpet Inn
  Red Carpet Inn, located in Niagara Falls, NY provides SeniorDiscounts Card Members a 15% discount.  
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   has Collectible Glassware that is not available in department stores. Most glassware they carry is hand crafted and made in the USA. is offering Special Savings for SeniorDiscounts Card Members. Save $5 off any regularly priced purchases over $50.  
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Great Senior and Elder Care Resources:
Find the perfect retirement or assisted living community, nursing home or Alzheimer's care at You can now view maps & get driving directions. To start your search, click here.

Helpful information on elder care service providers varying from Financial Planning and Personal Emergency Response to Home Care and Assisted Living Facilities, click here.

Add a Discount Challenge

We are looking for any and all NEW Senior Discounts. This means discounts we don't already have on our web site. Ask at your favorite place of business and find out if it offers a senior discount. If it does, simply submit it on our web site. Click here.

You can also tell us about businesses you think would be interested in offering a senior discount. Provide us with the business' information and we will contact that business and invite it to offer a senior discount. The more discounts you enter, the better your chances of winning. Click here.

As always, we greatly appreciate your participation in adding value to our service.

Weekly Internet Challenge

Answer the trivia question and you will be entered to WIN a complimentary $10 gift certificate from

This Week's Challenge:
Which US state produces the most pumpkins?

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Last Week's Challenge Question:
In Scotland, what vegetable was traditionally carved into a jack-o-lantern?
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Corrections Challenge

We can always use help keeping our database of discounts current and our web site free of errors. If you find a discount that is not correct, no longer valid, or an error on our web site, let us know and we will send you a gift. Just e-mail us at: with the correction you have found and please include a description of the mistake. We appreciate your help.


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Earth, Sun, Moon and Space Facts

Neutron stars are so dense that a teaspoonful would weigh more than all the people on Earth.

The planet Venus’s day is longer than its year. It takes 225 ‘Earth’ days to rotate around the Sun (a Venusian year) and 243 ‘Earth’ days to rotate on its axis (a Venusian day).

The Moon is gradually moving away from the Earth and the tides are to blame. Every year, the Moon moves 3.82 cms further from the Earth.

A supernova is the most energetic single event known in the Universe. Material is exploded into space at about 10,000 kilometers per second. All the stars in our galaxy (about 100,000,000,000) would have to shine for six months to produce the amount of energy released by just one supernova.


SeniorDiscounts Card has been working with various providers of vision, dental and eye care services. We hope to bring members these low cost services within the next month. SeniorDiscounts is also working on a new prescription drug card as well as services such as Final Expense planning and Reverse Mortgages. We have done lots of research and feel that these programs will be very beneficial as well as save you some money. Look for future announcements in this newsletter and on our web site.

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