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October 22, 2007


SeniorDiscounts would like to apologize for not sending out a newsletter last week. We have been busy creating a new look for our home page and adding new features to our search area to make it easier for you to find discounts in your area.

This Week's Special Section:
It is that time of year again. Halloween is just around the corner and many of us will be preparing to receive little ghosts and goblins on Halloween night. Better yet, some us may even be getting our own children and grandchildren ready for their Halloween trick or treating.

Sound Off:
The US just released its annual report on the sea ice in the arctic and the ice cover this year is 23% smaller than the past record low set in 2005 and 39% less than average. Do you think this is a natural phenomenon or a man-made problem? Tell us in our Discussion Boards.

Senior Discounts Section:
We highlight discounts on restaurants, movies and shopping among others.

Challenge Section:
SeniorDiscounts announces a new winner in the Add A Discount Challenge and Weekly Newsletter Challenge every week. Do you know which presidential candidate is the 8th cousin of Dick Cheney?


Amy of Hartford, CT, informs us that Park Ride Fly USA provides a 10% discount on all parking and shuttle services to people 50 years of age and older.

James in Easton, PA lets us know that the Club at Morgan Hill provides discounts of over 50% on green fees to golfers 60 and older.

Gilbert from Costa Mesa, CA tells us that Del Taco locations provide a 10% discount to customers 60 years of age and older.

Thanks for all of your submissions.

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Ghostly Savings - Discounts for Halloween Preparations

Here are some discounts that can help with your Halloween preparations like candy, costumes, and decorations.

Decorations and Supplies:
Factory Card and Party Outlet:
Receive 10% off every Wednesday at most locations. The age requirement and the day of the discount can vary at some locations, so you may want to call or ask at a local store for details.
Savers has a senior discount program available at many of its locations, although not all participate. The discount is usually on Wednesdays and is good for 10% to 20% off their used merchandise. The age requirement may vary by store.
ShopKo offers a discount to individuals 55 and older. The discount is available once a month. Seniors receive a 15% discount on most items with some exclusions.

Goodwill and Salvation Army:
You may be able to piece together a great costume at Goodwill and Salvation Army. Stores that offer a discount typically give seniors 55 and older anywhere from 10% to 20% off and are usually good only on certain days of the week, most commonly Tuesdays or Wednesdays.
Hancock Fabrics:
If you plan to make a costume this year, seniors 55 and older receive a 10% discount, usually on the first Wednesday of each month.
KB Toys:
Grandparents and adults 50 and older receive a 10% discount every Tuesday.

Candy and Supplies:
Longs Drug Stores
The Longs Senior Advantage program provides a 10% discount on all Hallmark products, 10% off all Longs Brand products and 10% off Longs One Hour Photo Processing. This program is free to join and Longs Drugs provides an online form on their web site, but customers can also register at a local store. The age requirement for the Longs Senior Advantage program is 60 years and older in California and Hawaii and 55 years of and older in all other states.
Pamida Discount Centers:
Shoppers 55 and older can save 10% on most items during select discount days. Contact your local Pamida store for dates and details.
Rite Aid:
Members of Rite Aid's Living More program receive a 10% discount on all Rite Aide products and 10% off most other products throughout the store every Tuesday. The age requirement for the Rite Aid Living More programs is 60 years of age and older and it is free to join.

Have a wonderful Halloween. Next week we will tell you about discounts at many of the grocery stores nationwide to help you even further with purchases for the Halloween holiday.

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 This week, we bring you some of the discounts available for Gold and Premium Members in our SeniorDiscounts Database. The following discounts and over 135,000 more can be found at Included in each listing is the phone number, address, discount details and more. 
AMC/Lowes Theaters

Movie goers 60 and older can save up to 30% off the regular adult admission at all AMC/Lowes Theaters. The exact discount amount may vary by location.

Boston Markets
 Boston Market locations offer a 10% discount off food orders. Age requirement may vary by location.
Bealls Department Stores

Shoppers 50 and older save 20% on all purchases on the first Tuesday of every month with the Club 50 Plus. You can apply at any store. Membership is free and proof of age is required.

Great Lakes Chocolate Company
SeniorDiscounts members receive 10% off the entire purchase through their web site. Discount does not include shipping costs. You must use the promotional code provided in this listing on the SeniorDiscounts web site to receive the discount. (Must be a Gold or Premium Member.)
Details about these discounts and thousands more are available on our web site for our Gold and Premium members.
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Dick Cheney is the 8th cousin of which presidential candidate?

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