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September 20, 2007


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This is the second newsletter in our series of retail stores and their senior discounts. To read last week's newsletter, click here:

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Bettie of Wilmington, DE informs us that Zingo's Grocery Stores offer a 10% discount on Wednesdays to shoppers 62 and older.

Linda in Howell, MI lets us know that most Leo's Coney Island restaurants offer a 10% discount to customers 55 and older.

Lindy tells us that the Girlfriends Mall, an online store for women, offers a 10% discount to online shoppers 50 and older. Just use the promotional code SeniorSavor.

Thanks for all of your submissions.

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Retail Discounts Part 2

In our last newsletter we discussed how to locate senior discounts at regional and national retail chains. We also listed some senior discounts that can be found at various national and retail chains. Due to the number of retail chains that offer senior discounts, we were only able to highlight a few of those retail chains.

This week we continue with a breakdown of retail chains that offer discounts to seniors.

Most stores typically offer a 10% discount. The amount of the discount, age requirement and participation varies with the store location. (55+)

Elder-Beerman Stores
10%, 15% or 20% discount depending on age. Discount is usually provided on the 1st Tuesday of each month. Call for details. (Age varies)

Factory 2-U
Some locations provide 10% off the total purchase on Mondays, their Senior Savings Day. (55+)

Factory Card & Party Outlets
Seniors receive 10% off every Wednesday. Discount, age requirement and participation can vary. (55+)

Goodwill Industries
10-20% discount varying by store. Discount may be valid only on certain days of the week. Age and participation can vary by location. (55+)

Goody's Family Clothing Stores
Every Wednesday, save an additional 15% off most everything. Offer is valid in store only. (55+)

Gottschalks Department Store
Gottschalks credit card customers 55 and over receive 10% off most items when purchased on Tuesdays. Card holders also receive a complimentary card for a spouse regardless of age, and other benefits.

Hancock Fabrics
10% discount on the first Wednesday of each month. (55+)

Many locations have one Senior Day a month which usually falls on a Wednesday. The discount is 20% if one uses the store's proprietary credit card, 15% if one uses any other type of payment and 10% off their Home Store merchandise using any payment type. May not be available at all locations. (55+)

KB Toys
KB Toys offers a discount of 10% every Tuesday to all grandparents and/or shoppers 50+. Dubbed the Grandparents' Reward Club, customers can sign up for the program by filling out a short application in any KB Toys store. Membership is free and Club members will receive a KB Toys Grandparents' Rewards Club Card and keychain card, which they can present when shopping at KB Toys on any Tuesday during the year. (50+)

Kohl's Department Stores
Receive 10-15% off on select days at participating Kohl's locations. To locate the specific days and discounts available, check your local paper or ask a Kohl's associate. (62+)

Longs Drug Stores
Longs Senior Advantage Program - Save up to 50% on prescriptions paid for in cash. Save 10% on all Hallmark products, Longs Brand products and Longs One Hour Photo Processing. Registration available on its web site or at any local Longs Drug Store. Membership is free. (60+)

Next week we will finish our series of retail discounts and provide our final list of retail chains that provide senior discounts.

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Hilton Hotels

Hilton offers guests 60 and older their Senior HHoners program. Besides discounted hotel rates, there are other benefits offered through this program, such as: free membership for your spouse and discounts on a second room for family and friends at the same discounted rate. There is a fee for this program and there are some blackout dates. Visit their web site for more details.

 SeniorDiscounts members receive a 5% discount on all orders from 1-800-PedMeds. Members can order by phone or online. Use the promotional code listed on the SeniorDiscounts web site. (Must be a Premium member.)
Regal, Edwards, and United Artists Theaters

Most locations provide discounts up to 30% from the regular adult admission price to movie-goers 60 and older. Discount amount and age requirement may vary by location.

Shoney's Restaurants
Guests 55 and older save about $1 off the regular buffet price. Some Shoney's Restaurants may offer a 10% discount instead.
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