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August 4, 2006


Senior Special Section: This is the last installment of our review of the discounts offered by the national and regional hotel chains in the US.

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Senior Discounts Section: We highlight SeniorDiscounts Card Member discounts available on medical supplies, nutritional products and at senior shops.

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Sharon, from Missoula, MT tells us that Wilma Theater provides a senior discount of $5 for all movies to customers 60 years of age and older.

Evy, in Bedford, NH informs us that CJ's and T-Bones Restaurants (all five locations) offer a pay back program for guests 55 and older. Seniors receive double the points on all orders between 1pm and 5pm every day.

Donna, of Hanover, PA reminds us that Hoss's Steak and Seahouse locations provide a 20% discount to seniors 60 and older off all menu items Monday through Saturday, 1:30pm to 4pm and a 10% discount off all
menu items at all other times.

Thanks for all of your submissions.

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Hotel Discounts Part 3

This will be our last installment of our coverage of the various senior discounts offered by the hotel industry. If you have missed some of our last issues and would like to see the hotels we reviewed, visit our newsletter archive page on the web site, click here.

America's Best Inn & Suites (50+)
Members of the America's Best Traveler Silver Edition receive a 10% discount during each stay and will also get the 10th night free.

Budget Host Inn (50+)
Budget Host Inns are independently owned and operated, and senior discounts can vary. To find out if a Budget Host offers a senior discount, call its toll-free reservation number or visit its web site.

Country Hearth Inn (50+)
Guests receive 10% off room rates. Discount amount and participation may vary by location.

Drury Inn & Suites (50+)
Drury hotels offer special rates for travelers over 50 years of age. When registering on line, be sure to select the senior rate or call the toll free reservation number and ask for the senior rate.

Hospitality International (55+)
Hospitality International manages reservations for Downtowner Inns, Master Hosts Inns, Passport Inn & Suites, Red Carpet Inn & Suites and Scottish Inns. Guests receive 10% off regular rates at participating locations. Select locations also offer SeniorDiscounts Card Members special rates above and beyond the regular senior rate.

Suburban Lodges of America (50+)
Save 10% with the Mature Travelers rate and guests 60 and older save 20-30% with advance reservations. AARP members receive a 15% discount.

Microtel Inn & Suites (50+)
Guests receive 10% off published rates.

National 9 Inn (50+)
Discount is typically 10%, but may vary by location. Call the toll free number for reservations and be sure to mention the senior discount.

Shoney's Inn (55+)
Receive a 10% discount on the standard room rate.

Omni Hotel (55+)
Discounts are available for guests 55 and older. Discount amount varies by hotel and time of reservation.

Exel Inn (55+)
Receive a 10% discount. Must ask for senior discount when booking a room.

GuestHouse Inn & Suites (55+)
Savings of at least 10% at participating Guesthouse International properties.

Red Lion Hotel and Westcoast Hotels (50+)
Senior Discounts are available for those 50 and older. Rates vary per location and travel time.

Starwood Hotels (age varies)
Starwood Hotels operates Luxury Collection, Sheraton, Four Points by Sheraton, St. Regis, W Hotel and Westin. Seniors receive a special rate on room reservations. Discount amount and availability can vary depending on the hotel and date. Discount can be as much as 50%. AARP members save up to 50% on 21-day advance purchase rates or 15-25% off reservations every day.

We have all of these hotels and more listed on our web site. To search for the hotels and for more details on these senior discounts, click here.

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  SeniorShops offers over 1,000 products and gifts for seniors, including amplified phones, magnifiers, games, bathroom aids, orthopedic support, seat cushions, loud alarms and much more. SeniorDiscounts Card Members receive 5% off all merchandise with coupon code SD506. Order online or by phone, 800-894-9549.  
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  Savannah Diabetic Supplies, Inc.

Savannah Diabetic Supplies, Inc. provides patients with diabetic testing supplies without up-front costs. Savannah Diabetic Supplies can bill the patient’s insurance company directly after confirming with the patient's physician. SeniorDiscounts Card Members receive a free Diabetic Meter with the first shipment of supplies. Must mention the SeniorDiscounts Card Membership.

Click here for more details about this discount. Search our Medical Services Category in Savannah, GA.
  Breathe Well, Live Well
  Breathe Well, Live Well manufactures and markets Healthy Living Technologies including a full line of air and water purifiers. In addition, they offer a complete line of wellness products designed to support every aspect of a healthy lifestyle. SeniorDiscounts Card Members receive a 15% discount off the S.R.P. of their air and water purifiers as well as free shipping. Financing available.  
Click here for more details about this discount. Search our Online Retailers Category.
  Quickresponse Medical Alert Systems
  Quickresponse Medical Alert Systems provides Medical Alarms, Medication Reminders, Monitored Smoke Detectors and Wander Guards. SeniorDiscounts Card Members receive a 20% discount on its Medical Alert Systems as well as free installation, a $50 savings. Members also receive a 20% discount on its MedReady Medicine Dispenser.  
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  Peak Bar
  Peak Bar products are nutrition bars that are baked as you would in your kitchen, using ingredients you would use at home. Peak Bar nutrition supports a healthy life style with Protein, Energy, Diet, Heart Healthy, and Kids bars. SeniorDiscounts Card Members receive a 20% discount on ALL orders. The promotional code is listed on our web site.
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This Week's Challenge:
What is the Largest Living Organism ever discovered?

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Last Week's Challenge Question:
What is the largest National Park in the lower 48 states?
Last Week's Challenge Answer:
Death Valley National park

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Corrections Challenge

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The Blue whale is believed to be the largest animal ever to have lived, with lengths of up to 100 feet and weights of up to 150 tons or more.

The Savannah Elephant is the largest living land mammal. The largest elephant ever recorded was shot in Angola in 1974. It was a male and weighed 26,400 pounds.

The largest living reptile is the saltwater crocodile, with adult males being typically 4.5–5 m long, although the largest recorded crocodile was 8.63 m in length and weighed over 4400 pounds.

The largest undisputed invertebrate is the giant squid measuring up to 43 ft or more from tip to tip. However, the adult colossal squid (which is known from juvenile specimens) may considerably exceed it in mass, if not in length.

The largest tree in circumference is the Árbol del Tule, a Montezuma Cypress, having a diameter of 37.5 ft at 1.5 m above ground level. The Giant Sequoia is the largest tree species. The Giant Sequoia is the world's largest tree in terms of total volume and mass. They grow to an average height 230–280 ft and 16–23 ft in diameter.


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