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July 13, 2007


This Week's Special Section:
We are right in the middle of the summer movie season and this week we bring you some of the discounts you can enjoy when seeing your favorite blockbuster.

Next week we will look at discounts available on movie rentals.

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Senior Discounts Section:
We highlight discounts available at Costco, Sporting Goods and restaurants, among others.

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SeniorDiscounts announces a new winner in the Add A Discount Challenge and Weekly Newsletter Challenge every week. Do you know what large "mythical" creature was found on a remote beach in Australia?




Jean, from Rhode Island, tells us that The Fabric Place provides a 10% discount on all non-sale items everyday to shoppers 60 and older.

Railton, in South Bend, IN, informs us that Allies Cafe in South Bend offers a 10% discount everyday to customers 55 and older.

Evelyn of Hershey, PA lets know that the Hershey Park amusement center offers various discounts on entrance passes. Discounts are as much as 50% off and age requirements start at age 55.

Thanks for all of your submissions.

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Discounts at the Theaters

Summer must be officially here, as we have seen numerous movie blockbusters rolled out for this season. But while movies become ever more thrilling to watch, they also become more expensive. This is why it is important to know what discounts are available to you, and your children or grandchildren, if you choose to take them along.

Practically every movie theater offers some form of a discount for seniors, and these discounts can be very substantial -- up to 60% off the regular ticketed price. While the savings can be great, there are some restrictions you should know about. Although most major movie theaters offer a senior discount on all showings, some theaters may have discounts available at certain times of the day (such as a matinee), or on a certain day of the week, typically a weekday.

Most senior discounts for movie theaters begin at around age 60 or 62, but there are many that have extended the discount to customers aged 50 or 55. For those of us who do not quite meet the age requirement, try locating an alternative theater or going to the movie earlier in the day as many theaters will provide discounts on their matinee shows. You could also wait until the movie is shown at a later date at one of the discounted theaters.

Many movie theaters also have children's rates so you can take your children or grandchildren at a discount as well. These discounts are usually similar to the senior discount, but they may have even better child rates at earlier times in the day.

If they aren't listed on our site, most movie theaters that have web sites will list their senior rates online, but you can also find a theater's discount by calling its movie line.

Movie we sites like will list the senior discount for each theater and you can purchase senior tickets directly form the web site. But know that you will need to provide proof of your age when picketing up your senior tickets. Expect to find discounts beginning at around 25% off the regular ticket price and upward to 60% off.

Here are some national movie theater chains and what you will typically find for savings and age requirements. Note: Participation, discount amount and age requirement can vary from one theater to the next, so it is best to locate the exact theater you would like to visit and check its senior discount policy.

AMC Theaters:
Save up to 30%. Age Requirement: 60
Marcus Theaters:
Save up to 20%, even more on senior matinee shows. Age Requirement: 60
Cinemark/Century Theaters:
Save up to 35%. Age requirement: 65
Regal/Edwards/United Artist Theaters:
Save up to 30%. Age Requirement: 60
Carmike Theaters:
Save up to 25%. Age Requirement: 65
Quality Theaters:
Save up to 50%. Age Requirement: 55

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 This week, we bring you some of the discounts available for Gold and Premium Members in our SeniorDiscounts Database. The following discounts and over 135,000 more can be found at Included in each listing is the phone number, address, discount details and more. 

Before September 1st, join Costco Wholesale and receive a $10 Costco Cash Card. The annual Costco membership also includes a free Household Card. ($10 Costco Cash Card offer is available only to non-members for their first year of membership. Limit one offer per household.)You must print out the application form and bring it to the nearest Costco location. (New discount offers will be available on September 1, 2007.)

Souplantation & Sweet Tomatoes
 Most locations offer a 10% discount on the buffet to people 60 and older, although the age requirement may fluctuate by restaurant. Participation may also vary by location. 
Papa Gino's
Papa Gino's is a family pizzeria with over 160 locations nationwide. Customers 60 and older save 10% on all orders. Discount not valid on deliveries. Participation may vary by location.
Modells Sporting Goods stores offer a 10% discount every day to customers 60 and older. Some locations may require that you pick up the senior discount coupon at the customer service desk.
Details about these discounts and information about thousands more are available on our web site for our Gold and Premium members.
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This Week's Challenge:
What large "mythical" creature was found on a remote beach in Australia?

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