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, January 27, 2006


Senior Special Section: The last two weeks we have discussed ways in which one can locate discounts on energy and other household costs. This week we are returning to a discount we have not mentioned in a long time, the National Parks senior discount.

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Senior Discounts Section: We have highlighted SeniorDiscounts Card Member discounts available on car rentals, hair care and liquor, among others.

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Lee, from Pahurmp, NV tells us that Floyd's Ace Hardware offers a 10% discount every Wednesday to shoppers 60 and older.

Alan of Columbia, SC tells us that Eagles Paint & Body Shopp provides a 5% discount on all parts to customers 50 and older.

Jack in Santa Monica, CA informs us that Koo-Koo-Roo restaurant has a 10% discount for diners 65 and older.

Thanks for all of your submissions.

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National Parks

It has been some time since we discussed discounts available at National Parks, Monuments and historic sites. Visiting these areas can be a great way to vacation without spending lots of money. Many of you may be familiar with these national park discounts, but we thought it would be a good idea to review it once again.

The National Park Service has a variety of different passes available. The first is their Golden Age Passport. This is for those 62 and older and who are citizens or permanent residents of the United States. One of the other passes is the Golden Access Passport. This pass is for United States residents who are blind or permanently disabled. Both are lifetime entrance passes to national parks, monuments, historic sites, recreation areas, and national wildlife refuges that charge an entrance fee.

Both the Golden Age Passport and the Golden Access Passport will admit the pass holder and any accompanying passengers in a private vehicle, if a park has a per vehicle entrance fee. Where a per person entrance fee is charged, these passports will admit the pass holder, spouse, and children. Both passes also provide a 50% discount on federal usage fees charged for facilities and services such as camping, swimming, parking, boat launching, and tours. In some cases where usage fees are charged, only the pass holder will be given the 50% price reduction.

The Golden Age Passport must be obtained in person at a federal area (National Park, Historic Site, Wildlife Refuge, etc.) where an entrance fee is charged. There is a one-time $10 processing charge to obtain the Golden Age Passport and you must show documentation of your age.

A Golden Access Passport must also be obtained in person at a federal area where an entrance fee is charged. The pass is free, but you must also show proof of a medically determined permanent disability, or eligibility for receiving benefits under federal law.

If you are not yet 62 years of age, you can also obtain a National Parks Pass. This is an annual pass that provides admission to any national park charging an entrance fee. The pass costs $50 and is valid for one full year from its first use in a park.

Like the Golden Age Passport, the National Parks Pass admits the pass holder and any accompanying passengers in a private vehicle if a park has a per vehicle entrance fee. Where a per person entrance fee is charged, the National Parks Pass admits the pass holder, spouse, children and parents. You can obtain this pass in person at any national park where an entrance fee is charged, on the National Parks web site, through this toll free number: 1-888-GO-PARKS, or through the mail.

This information and more is available at the National Parks web site located at:

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  This week we are bringing you some of the discounts available in our SeniorDiscounts Card program. The following discounts and over 125,000 more can be found at Included in each listing is the phone number, address, map of the location and more. Remember - we add more discounts every week.  

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  Budget Car Rentals has regular special offers for Members of the SeniorDiscounts Card program. Visit our web site for its new offers.  
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  National Council of Jewish Women

Located in University City, MO, SeniorDiscounts Card Members receive 25% off entire purchase of clothing, accessories, jewelry and home accent items every Tuesday.

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  Wynstar Inn & Suites
  The Wynstar Inn & Suites in Fort Meyers, FL, provides SeniorDiscounts Card Members with a 40% discount. Ask for the Senior Coupon Discount at the time of making your reservation.
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  Priced Right Liquors
  Priced Right liquors in Florida is a family owned and operated business and will beat all locally advertised prices, just bring in an ad, flyer, etc. SeniorDiscounts Card Members receive 10% off the regular shelf-price of any Spirit, Wine, Cordial or Brandy in 750ml, liter, or 1.75 liter bottles.  
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  Cost Cutters
  A value-priced salon that offers cuts, colors, perms, waxing, tanning and professional products. No appointments necessary. SeniorDiscounts Card Members receive 15% off all regular-priced services and 10% off all professional haircare products. Wisconsin area only.  
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Add a Discount Challenge

We will now be announcing a new winner every week in this newsletter for the Add A Discount Challenge. So let your fellow senior discounters know about new discounts you find and keep those discounts coming.

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As always, we greatly appreciate your participation in adding value to our service.

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Weekly Internet Challenge

Answer the trivia question and you will be entered to WIN a complimentary SeniorDiscounts Card Membership with included SeniorDiscounts Guide Book.

This Week's Challenge:
(This week's challenge was submitted by Ray Denny, who is currently serving in Japan.)
When did Disney's Pluto first appear on the screen?

To answer: Click Here and tell us your answer to the Weekly Challenge. Good luck!

Last Week's Challenge Question:
How long will it take for NASA's Pluto Probe to reach Pluto?
Last Week's Challenge Answer:
Approximately 9 years.

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Corrections Challenge

We can always use help keeping our database of discounts current and our web site free of errors. If you find a discount that is not correct, no longer valid, or an error on our web site, let us know and we will send you a gift. Just e-mail us at: with the correction you have found and please include a description of the mistake. We appreciate your help.


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Pluto Facts:

In Roman mythology, Pluto (Greek: Hades) is the god of the underworld. The planet received this name perhaps because it's so far from the Sun that it is in perpetual darkness or perhaps because "PL" are the initials of Percival Lowell, who's successor discovered Pluto.

Pluto was discovered in 1930 by a fortunate accident. Calculations which later turned out to be in error had predicted a planet beyond Neptune, based on the motions of Uranus and Neptune. Not knowing of the error, Clyde W. Tombaugh at Lowell Observatory in Arizona did a very careful sky survey which turned up Pluto anyway.

The surface temperature on Pluto varies between about -235 and -210 C (38 to 63 K).

Pluto rotates in the opposite direction from most of the other planets.

Pluto is the only planet that has not been visited by a spacecraft.


"You have set yourself a difficult task, but you will succeed if you persevere;and you will find a joy in overcoming obstacles."
-Helen Keller
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