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, January 20, 2006


Senior Special Section: This week we are continuing to look at discounts available on everyday household services. As with discounts that can be found for local energy costs, you may be able to find discounts on water, sewer and garbage services. Read below for more information.

SeniorDiscounts Card News: SeniorDiscounts will be launching some new programs for its members this month, including discounted dental and health coverage as well as special rates for final expenses.

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Senior Discounts Section: We have highlighted SeniorDiscounts Card Member discounts available on lodging, hair care and computer maintenance, among others.

Challenge Section: SeniorDiscounts has begun a new Add a Discount challenge for a free one year membership to the SeniorDiscounts Card program and has announced our current winner. Check out our Challenge Section below for more details and for others ways to win a free SeniorDiscounts Card Membership.

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H Wall, from Dallas, TX tells us that the North Dallas Veterinary Hospital offers a 5% discount on all services to pet owners 65 and older.

Leona of Livingston, MT tells us that the Hardee's restaurants in her area provide a 10% discount on food orders for customers 65 and older.

Marie in Houston, TX informs us that Hartz Chicken Buffet has a senior buffet with drink for $4.99 on Mondays & Wednesdays after 2 P.M. for customers over 60.

Thanks for all of your submissions.

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Household Savings

In our last newsletter, we discussed some of the senior discounts that could be available to you on energy costs with local gas and electric services. If you would like to see this last newsletter, please visit our web site, click here. This week we are looking at other home services that may also have senior discounts available, specifically water, sewer and garbage removal.

As with the discounts available for energy costs, the best places to begin looking for discounts on water, sewer and garbage removal are with your local government and the companies which supply these services.

As we said last week, many local government agencies have programs for older adults in need of assistance for paying their standard home services. As with the requirements for receiving discounts on energy bills, the requirements for receiving a discount on sewer, water and garbage services may vary for each service. Some discount programs may only require that one be of a certain age or have a certain income level, while other programs may require both. If there is an age requirement for participation, expect it to begin anywhere from 60 to 65 years of age. If there is an income requirement, there may be no age specification to receive a discount, but the gross income requirement may be very low. As with the energy discounts, programs will look at the number of people in your household as well as your total monthly income, which will include any Social Security benefits you receive.

The best place to start searching for these government programs is to visit your local government's web site. Most cities or counties now have their own web sites and many will also have a department of senior affairs. Larger cities may also post senior home discount programs on their web sites along with any application forms or contact numbers. If you prefer to speak with someone in person, call the local city information line located in the government pages of your phone book.

If you can not find any information on your city's web site, try contacting your water, sewer, or garbage services directly. You can try visiting their web sites, but often the information is difficult to track down. The simplest way is to call your local provider directly and ask if it provides any assistance for fixed income senior households. Many larger cities may also have multiple providers for some of these services. It is a good idea to contact all of them as some may offer a senior discount, while others may not.

How much of a discount can you expect to receive? That is difficult to predict as these discounts vary depending upon the type of service and the discount requirements. Government program discounts can vary depending upon the amount of income per household as well as the amount of consumption or usage of the service. Water and sewer discounts will tend to max out at a certain dollar amount to encourage people to keep their usage low and conserve resources. Garbage removal discounts may be in the form of a percentage or a set dollar amount from your monthly bill. 10% is fairly typical, but could be more if you can meet the income requirements.

  This week we are bringing you some of the discounts available in our SeniorDiscounts Card program. The following discounts and over 125,000 more can be found at Included in each listing is the phone number, address, map of the location and more. Remember - we add more discounts every week.  

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  Econo Lodge
  Econo Lodge offers SeniorDiscounts Card Members a 20%-30% savings at all of its hotels across the United States. Simply call the toll free number 800-4CHOICE and quote the special discount code located on our web site. Card members can also save online by going to and entering the code in the Special Rate ID field.  
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  We Manage Computers

We Manage Computers is a professional provider of subscription based remote computer support for the home and small business. With offices around the U.S., they provide computer support for a flat monthly fee. SeniorDiscounts Card Members pay only $21.95 compared to the $24.95 regular charge, a savings of more than 10% on the monthly service. SeniorDiscounts Card Members can save 20% on support for more than one computer.

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  Sundaes Ice Cream Parlor
  Sundaes Ice Cream Parlor in Fairfield, OH has 40 flavors of premium hand-dipped Hershey ice cream, sundaes, shakes, sodas, and splits to enjoy in a large, comfortable location. SeniorDiscounts Card Members receive 10% off any purchase.
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  Senior Companion Care
  Senior Companion Care in Ft Myers, FL makes it possible for the elderly to maintain as much independence as possible by providing the appropriate in home assistance and companionship. SeniorDiscounts Card Members receive the first 3 hours of service free with a minimum of 15 hours of service.  
Click here for more details about this discount. Search our Health and Nutrition category.
  Branch Barbershop
  The Branch Barbershop provides exceptional barber and grooming services to seniors throughout the Smithtown, NY area. SeniorDiscounts Card Members can now receive $2.00 off a haircut Monday-Wednesday.  
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Add a Discount Challenge

The next Add a Discount challenge for a SeniorDiscounts Card Membership is here. We will be announcing a new winner every two weeks in this newsletter, so let your fellow senior discounters know about new discounts you find and keep those discounts coming.

We are looking for any and all NEW Senior Discounts. This means discounts we don't already have on our web site. Ask at your favorite place of business and find out if it offers a senior discount. If it does, simply submit it on our web site. Click here.

You can also tell us about businesses you think would be interested in offering a senior discount. Provide us with the businesses' information and we will contact that business and invite it to offer a senior discount. The more discounts you enter, the better your chances of winning. Click here.

As always, we greatly appreciate your participation in adding value to our service.

Our current winner, Lynn Bellamy of Mt. Sterling, KY, will receive a one year membership to SeniorDiscounts Card for the last two week challenge. Lynn, please e-mail us at: to claim your prize.

Weekly Internet Challenge

Answer the trivia question and you will be entered to WIN a complimentary SeniorDiscounts Card Membership with included SeniorDiscounts Guide Book.

This Week's Challenge:
How long will it take for NASA's Pluto Probe to reach Pluto?

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Last Week's Challenge Question:
What is the most common New Years resolution in the US?
Last Week's Challenge Answer:
Most of you got this one...Lose weight.

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Corrections Challenge

We can always use help keeping our database of discounts current and our web site free of errors. If you find a discount that is not correct, no longer valid, or an error on our web site, let us know and we will send you a gift. Just e-mail us at: with the correction you have found and please include a description of the mistake. We appreciate your help.


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Even the Famous Seek Senior Discounts

The following is a clip form the Daily Mirror Newspaper.

Harrison Ford makes sure he gets a discount when he goes to the movies. The 63-year-old actor admits he takes advantage of special prices offered to the elderly to save cash - despite raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars for his films.

The actor, who is dating 41-year-old Calista Flockhart, is quoted in Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper as saying: "Calista and I went to the movies yesterday, and I ordered one adult and one senior citizen. I saved $6."


"I like the two party system, because ONE party a week is not enough".
- Submitted by Natalie Leath of Tacoma, WA

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