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SeniorDiscounts began when the founder and Chairman, Doug Brown, realized that as he got older he qualified for discounts on many products and services – but they were typically not advertised. He attempted to locate a directory of businesses that listed senior discounts, and the natural place to begin his search was the Internet. He found that no such directory existed, online or off.

There was an obvious need to provide one source identifying businesses that offer age-related discounts, what the discounts entail, and where to locate the businesses. The fit between the Internet and the application was perfect and Doug created

The SeniorDiscounts Mission is to find as many discounts for the mature community (individuals 50 years and older) as possible, to ensure the discounts are easy to locate and redeem, and to provide a resource for others to share discounts they have found. started in April 2001 with 25,000 discount listings nationwide. With help from our community of over 80,000 members, there are now over 250,000 (and growing) local and national discount listings across several categories in our database. Users are able to locate discounts in specific geographic locations and categories with a few easy keystrokes. The site provides users with the business names, discount details and information, addresses, contact information, and links to the businesses’ web sites, among other information.

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