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Information on Life Settlements
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SeniorDiscounts is working with Atlantic Financial to provide you with information about Life Insurance settlements and how they may be able to benefit you or your loved ones.

For more information and a free no-obligation consultation about Life Insurance Settlements, contact:
Atlantic Financial: 1-888-586-4333 ext. 10

A life settlement occurs when you sell your life insurance to an investor who agrees to continue paying the life insurance premiums instead of you so you don’t have the burden. The investor will collect the life insurance upon your death. In return the investor will pay you to buy your life insurance, this is known as a life settlement. The life settlement amount will be a value less than that of the face value of the life insurance. The amount is determined by a number of factors.

What are the different factors? Your life settlement amount will be determined by the cost of your premiums, your life expectancy, the original amount of the life insurance, the health of the insurance company that is providing the life insurance coverage and the current and projected interest rates. All of these factors are taken into account when determining your life settlement value.

Other seniors have used the money for just about everything. Some people use the funds to pay off medical bills to make their lives more comfortable, to move into assisted living, to take a family dream vacation, to buy a house, to fund their grandchildren’s education, to not have the burden of perhaps running out of money. What would you do with the extra money?

Whatever you use the funds for, a life settlement is much better than simply allowing the life insurance to lapse and receive nothing at all.

No matter what you plan on doing for a life settlement, it costs nothing to look into your options. Atlantic Financial will provide you a FREE no-obligation consultation about Life Insurance Settlements. Just call 1-888-586-4333 ext. 10

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