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SeniorDiscounts values the thoughts and opinions of our users. Your comments and responses help us to make our web site better suited to you, our audience.

Here are just some of the comments we have received regarding our web site. If you would like to submit a comment or suggestion regarding, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page. If you would like a reply, please include your e-mail address.

So, some people think I am an old fart and will give me a senior citizen discount. Other people think I am still young; to them I say thank you for the kind thought, but I’d rather get a senior citizen discount.

Roland Hansen

Thank you very much. Senior Discounts has opened a whole new world for us retired persons. We really do save a lot. People would be surprised if they kept a record of savings for one year.

Roy Rafter Sr.

Thank you for the wise suggestions on auto insurance, my renewal is upcoming & really need to reduce costs!! Since I have a younger son it is tough to keep it affordable as well.

R.M. Yarbrough, Orlando, Fl.

Yesterday I booked a cruise on Holland America using Senior Discounts travel contacts and saved over $400 off what Holland America wanted for the cruise. I also checked other "discount" travel sites for the same cruise and none of them could match the price I got through SeniorDiscounts.

Jim Robinson

Since I have subscribed to, I have become more aware of shopping discounts. On Monday, February 21, my wife experienced a tire blowout not far form home. She called me and I went to examine the damaged tire. First, I exchanged the tire for the small spare, found a nail and thought it was just a flat tire. I took the tire to a recently opened NTS store where, upon examination and testing, did not find the blowout site on the side of the tore. I purchased a new tire and had a front end alignment performed. When the bill was being processed, I asked the store manager if I could obtain a "Senior Discount." Being a new store, the discount codes had not been entered into his billing computer. He did give me a 25% discount on the sale price of the tire, which resulted in an overall 10% pricing discount, saving me $20. Great feeling.

Al Schneider

Comment form Business Owner: I have had a lot of buzz over the discounts and people are talking about coming back on Tuesday, the senior discount day, to buy their groceries. Let's put it out there and I will let everyone know about your web site and everything. Good program!

Tommy Miller

We want to extend to you our most sincere wishes for a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season. The service you provide to all us seniors is priceless....We thank you.

Ed and Ann Neva

"When standing in line at a business I inform anyone appearing to be a senior about

I have also gone thru my local phone book calling businesses to add a senior discount. Everyone I speak to is thankful to learn of"

Paul R. Jones AKA JohnPaul Leisuretown, Vacaville California

Hi there: This is the most terrific web site I have seen in a long time. My husband and I are seniors ages 65 and 68. Just thought you would like to know you have another happy camper with you. We try to do our best with what we have. So we must look for lower pricing, in everything we do. We've been married for 47 years and we plan on going and going. Keep up the good work. You have a great following.

Ani Kramer

Just couldn't resist telling you how much I like your new (to me anyway) I look forward to receiving it and have already seen several discounts that I had no idea about. I have gone through life known as "The Coupon Queen" and you have given me a new source of deals with which to amaze my friends! Thanks again.

Toni Calabrese

I think that your site is great. As a recently turned 50 year-old, I will be taking advantage of your site.

Steve Jarvis, President

We love reading the newsletter and enjoy playing the trivia games. The links are helpful and fun to read too. Continue the great work.

Donna and Bruce Vickroy

I feel as though I have been given a Christmas present in July with your newsletter and site. Thank you so much and I will continue to use and suggest that my friends use your site and help me try to locate more businesses to get discounts listed.

Diane Simmons

Thanks for your newsletter and for the sure grip we received for answering the Internet challenge question as a new participant. It was fun. I also found a great place to stay in Biloxi, Mississippi through your web site.

Judy Boyce

The newsletter is so full of great information that I can't imagine anyone complaining...Thank-you for sharing...

Patty George--Ohio

Please forward this to the owners/backers; if my old memory serves me well, I believe it is Dave Brown. You're very courteous, detailed response is not only good manners and reflecting a fine job done by your parents and others along the way, including Dave Brown, but also it is an EXTREMELY powerful business tool for your employer. Since you are essentially just starting your business career (if the report I read is correct, i.e., there are four employees besides Dave Brown, none of whom are more than 25 years old), you may not yet have an appreciation for how important basic courtesies are to businesses as far as customer good will is concerned. Whatever hard work and luck bring to you David, I strongly urge you not to lose these traits of thoughtful, reliable, thorough responses to inquiries, whether from your boss or from customers. It will earn you substantial pay increases and good promotions over the long haul. And you will acquire many good friends in that same process.

It might surprise you to know how many people simply never go back to businesses in which they have been ignored, lied to - even unintentionally -, never been thanked for their business. Occasionally a customer will be thoughtful enough to discuss such things with the owner or manager, but even then the thought and intent of offering useful feedback is ignored or considered an insult.

What a pleasure to have some interface (even by email) with a young man who has his act together! It is a real pleasure to have such an encounter. You can be sure I will very positively recommend to my friends and contemporaries. A great job, well done! Thanks very much!

Tom Coleman

It's a great site. I am glad I found it and it is a New Mexico company.

Fred McDonald, Roswell

Thanks Pete. I appreciate you! And Goldie too!

Joyce Anderson

Hi, I just had to let you know how helpful your newsletter has been to me. The web tip was terrific. Keep up the good work

Delores Cole

Thank you so much for enlarging your newsletter font! I had to retire recently because of eye problems, and some sites on the Internet are done in such small fonts that I can't even read them. Your new font is so easy to read that even I can see what you have to say.

Barbara Varallo, Chesapeake, VA

Thank you so much for having this newsletter for people over 50. Looking forward to saving money.

Thanks Irene

I just discovered your web site & it should prove quite useful, I think it is a great idea! I have submitted several sources of discounts I know of & will probably think of more. I suggest you advertise this web site in various senior publications available nationwide if you are not already doing this. In case you didn't know, Nevada County, Calif. has the highest percentage of seniors of any county of Calif. The major towns in western Nevada County are Grass Valley & Nevada City. They are located on state highway 49 on the western side of the Sierra Mountains approximately 60 miles northeast of Sacramento.

William J Toensing, Nevada City, CA


Ralph Duncan

This is the most fantastic thing I have seen on the net...! I have been trying to reach Seniors to tell them of all the things that are available to them for so long...! I can't believe I finally found a place to help Seniors protect themselves against high costs of living to long.

I have forwarded your home page to our coordinator who will forward it to the over 300 members of our Senior Citizen Computer Club.

Bill Edgar, San Angelo, TX

You are so sweet. I have not yet had time to try this cutting and pasting and let me tell you it is good to know that there is some help available to me. I know how to surf for information and I am great at that. I know some about email and that is the extent of my knowledge but I can learn. Thanks so much for your support.


Hi, First of all I want to say how very much I enjoy this site, I have forwarded it to some of my friends. The font size is really great; I don't have to get so close to my computer.


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